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Pinterest is a pinboard-style social photo sharing website.  It can be used for many business building goals. You can use it to generate traffic, or to build awareness of your business or brand. You can even use Pinterest to sell your products or services.  In fact, not many people realize that Pinterest is also a great SEO friendly site. See below just a few SEO Pinterest guidelines to help you use this new social site and marketing tool efficiently for your business.

#1 Your Board Title

Pinterest users create boards. Names like “My Style” or “Dream Home” are usually used.  The titles you use are headings and make use of the same code as an H3 header, which means that search engines look at that code for keywords. To use Pinterest to your advantage, make use of your keywords in the title of your board.

#2 Link To Your Website or Blog

Include your website when you create your profile. By including a link to your website, a button is created under your business logo or picture in your profile.  This link helps other Pinterest members to find your site.  Pinterest can also be linked to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

#3 Your Name

People search Pinterest by using keywords, names and categories. Make sure that your name your business name is clearly reflected on your board.  This will make it easy for people to find you and also helps build your brand and ensures continuity with other social networking sites.

#4 Pin Images From Your Site

Remember Pinterest is a social sharing site. So, when you add pins from your site, ensure you add them through the bookmarklet or upload them with the Add+ “Add a Pin” tool. Your link to your website will then be included with the image.

#5 Include Keywords In Your Description

As a last point, include your keywords in your description of your pins.  If you add a pin from your blog or website always make sure that it consists of a clear and useful description. Hashtags can also be used on Pinterest. By adding a #hashtag to your descriptions, you make your description easier to find on Twitter.

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