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Go Mobile!

Get a 5 page mobi site for just R 895.00!!

Choose the look and feel that suits you best, we offer flat and textured menus and custom theme colours:

* Includes a free listing on our local mobile directory

Contact us before 15 December 2012 and quote ‘Rascal’ to get the special pricing!

A few reasons why to take your web site mobile:

* Your web “footprint” is FAR larger. (only 5% of South Africa’s population has access to a computer, but there are an average of 2.5 cellphones per capita in S.A.)

* Over the last 2 – 3 years, the number of people who own smartphones and who access the Internet on mobile devices has sky rocketed. This is because of the popularity of devices using the Android operating system, as well as BlackBerrys and iPhones, and tablets such as the iPad and Samsung Note.

* A large number of people who access the net with a mobile device are doing more and more specific things such as banking, shopping, browsing the Internet, searching for products, booking holiday’s, flights, and accomodation, and of course accessing social media.

This not only changes how the internet is being used, but it also changes how you need to market your business online.

A Mobile Friendly web site is critical if you want to translate your standard desktop web site into one that can be viewed on the rather restrictive screens of a mobile device. Although the latest mobile devices have very capable browsers that can display practically everything you would see on a standard desktop computer, often it just doesn’t translate well on a mobile device. The text is often so small it becomes impossible to read, and links are too difficult to click (or tap really)

A mobile web site is designed to be more user friendly on smaller displays. Look at the two screenshots below:

The image on the left is our website as displayed on an iPhone. As you see, the menus are all squashed up and the site itself is difficult and slow to navigate on a mobile device and some of the features are missing. The image on the right however, is our site again that has been optimised for mobile devices. The text is readable, the links are easily clickable, and the site is much easier to navigate.

The site fits to the size of the screen perfectly, giving the user an easy and pleasurable browsing experience. The mobile layout is displayed automatically as the web server can identify the device accessing the page and send the appropriate layout, so you don’t have to lose your desktop web page, but merely enhance the browsing experience for your customers.

Mobile users are also usually only looking for specific information on your website:

* Your phone number

* Your address

* Your business hours

* A map/directions to your business

You can also offer a call back option at the push of a button, and with the new fad in QR Codes, you can direct people to your website, have them find you on Google Maps, announce your latest specials and a whole lot more! This can be done as easily as downloading a QR Code scanner app for your mobile device and taking a picture.

So why not go mobile? You owe it to your business, and you’ll be so pleased you did.

Contact Us for details.

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